patriotism is the highest form of dissent

along with things like courage, service in the armed forces, unabashed masculinity, and belief in honor and duty.

I find LT G’s story of wearing his Guinness socks to his commissioning a little too precious. Oh, he’s brave enough to stare death in the face, but for some reason feels he must demonstrate his rebellion against authority or his frail little identity might be crushed. How precious. Is mandatory rebellion meaningful, or merely a conceit?

LT G is the embodiment of transgression in the post-modern world; he is patriotic, courageous, skilled in the use of arms, and honorable. What socks have to do with it I can’t begin to fathom, but we all have our little conceits and idiosyncrasies. And, he’s cav; what do you expect? At least they’re Guinness socks. That shows character.

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  1. LT G on

    “Is mandatory rebellion meaningful, or merely a conceit?”

    I’d argue that rebellion is never mandatory, and in this case, certainly not meaningful. But a result of conceit? Always. Thanks for the linkage, take care

  2. lumpenscholar on

    Dang. OK, now that the man I just wrote about popped in and left a comment, I’m tempted to believe this thing actually IS connected to those legendary interwebs.

    Being a wit (*cough* an ass *cough*) is my conceit, LT. Thanks for taking the time to drop by.

    Good luck and good hunting over there.

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