Obambi: hatin’ on Obama

Obambi is an eye-opening site that shows there is some serious Obama hatred around. I ran across it looking through PUMA sites I mentioned previously.

Posts include things like Barack Hussein Obama: 10 Things to Fear and Unity My Ass: Say It Ain’t So Hillary, Barack Obama is a Vile Socialist. But what grabbed my attention most were the graphics. Juxtaposing words like “racist,” “nope,” and “idiot” with images of Obama, and clearly photoshopped images of Obama with Iranian leader Ahmadinajad, really make an impression, of some kind.

Then there’s The Kilzone, which is worse.  Images there mix swastikas, sickle and hammer themes, and other objectionable symbols with Obama images.  Whatever one thinks of Obama, or any of the candidates, none of them are comparable to Nazis or communists, and this kind of imagery is sickening.

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  3. thekilzone on

    Yeah, those images might be a bit hardcore. But, they need to be to shock the train jumpers off the obama-express. I and plenty of others think he is pure evil. And, may God help us all if he does happen to win.

  4. lumpenscholar on

    I don’t want him to win either, but how is he “pure evil”?

    He’s certainly done nothing to merit comparisons to Hitler or Stalin; in fact, one good reason to oppose him is that he’s done very little in his life.

  5. thekilzone on

    He is a socialist!

    “Pure Evil” in the way:
    – he wants to give those who attack our country a right to a fair trial. BS! Shoot them and get it over with.
    – he wants to weaken our military.
    – he wants to take our gun rights away.

    This country…Our country…My country… will be attacked again (God forbid) if he is in office. He has NO balls to stand up and fight or to do what is right. Sometimes war is not the moral thing to do but it’s the right thing.

    He has also brought “race” into this campaign. And I do believe the blacks will riot if he looses…hell they might riot if he does…Hell, they are already bitching that the government had 3 years to prepare for this hurricane, while they sat on their asses. I am NOT a racists either….just the facts. I have lived through a few riots in my time and it wasn’t fun.

    Not ONE time did the demo-rats chant USA at their convention. It was so sad. And now to see the “Evil” going on outside the RNC is pure sickening. They talk about hate…there is so much more hate on the other side and Obama is right there with them all. Hell, I got attacked the other day by a Obama preaching ass because I have a “HARDCORE AMERICAN” sticker on my truck. They were lucky I had my 8yr old son with me.

  6. lumpenscholar on

    I understand what you’re saying. I also think electing Obama will weaken our country, and I disagree with the way Obama has used race in the election. I think that the Democratic Party has lost its way, which is why I have voted Republican since 9/11, and will do so again this November.

    At the same time, Obama hasn’t done anything that merits being called Evil. He wants to change our country in ways I think will be harmful, but he believes these things will make the nation better. He may be a socialist, and socialism is wretched, but it is not in itself Evil.

    Those haters who follow him aren’t his responsibility, any more than McCain’s responsible for any neo-Nazis who want McCain as president. Their problem is, they believe Republicans are Evil, and they use that to justify their hate and hateful actions.

    I think you are doing the same thing. I think we need to step back and realize there are real and major differences in points of view between Republicans and Democrats that need to be addressed rationally, with research and respect. Both want what they believe is best for the country.

    The haters are lost. I don’t want to join them.

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