anti-PUMA activities?

Simon Owens at Bloggasm is reporting that a number of anti-Obama blogs were shut down after complaints:

After some digging it became apparent that several Blogspot accounts had been shut down because of similar spam issues, and nearly all of them had three things in common: Most were pro-Hillary Clinton blogs, all were anti-Barack Obama, and several were listed on, an anti-Obama website.

I haven’t verified it, but since PUMA blogging seems to have become my thing recently, I thought I’d note it.

h/t Protein Wisdom


Update (2008 July 1): An article in the NYT gives more information.  Google (which owns Blogspot) claims it was a problem with their spam filters.  The PUMAs don’t buy it.

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  1. […] Update (2008 June 30): Anti-PUMA activities? […]

  2. Dara on

    PUMA supporters are an insane, unstable, selfish few that need to accept that their dream has ended. I am a highly educated woman that voted for Hillary in the primary but found no need in pouting like a child when she lost. PUMA is not helping the women’s movement but setting it back yet again by painting their candidate and themselves as victims. Obviously these are women who feel so very powerless in their own existance that they have to yoke their hopes, dreams, and self image to Hillary Clinton. Hillary is a remarkable woman but she alone can not change the world. And she continues to be powerful. PUMA now paints her as a woman crying in her corn flakes. Switching a vote to McCain and Palin is an insult to your party and your gender. They will reverse everything so many women like your hero Hillary have fought to achieve. Palin is a woman but she certainly is not the right woman, and McCain has insulted me and you by thinking that just because I have a vagina I will follow whatever nominee has one too. If you insist on participating in PUMA know you are selfish and destructive and that you were never be a true supporter of Hillary’s values but solely a supporter of your own sex and that makes you as dangerous as any sexist, racist, homophobic, status quo Republican that has driven this country into the ground.

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