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things to do during the dnc

  1. blog about Wright, Rezko, and Ayers
  2. go eat burritos with your buds from former soviet states (we’ll get there one day, they assure me)
  3. wait around for the reviews to hit the blogs before deciding whether or not to watch it on YouTube
  4. wear a clown nose in sympathy with the protesters
  5. walk around campus muttering PUMA slogans at passersby
  6. gather hope & change from the burrito (here’s your change; hope you like it)
  7. design an armored suit capable of flying to Denver to take on the bald capitalist white guy — no wait –
  8. write a review of Obama’s outfit
  9. cartoon it all — try to get everything in four panels
  10. kung fu something (in a desperate attempt to distract yourself from the idea that Obama’s suit may indeed be president in five months)

Update: If you can’t stand to watch it yourself, Steven Green is drunkblogging it.  On #10, I should have quoted him:

9:00PM “President Obama and the Democrats.” I have… I need… I… Hold me, I’m scared.