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still fishin’ – but have to mock celebrities

Rachel Lucas notes Streisand, Cusack, and Penn hate McCain.  My reply:

And, I’m going to steal her image, because every time I see it it makes me laugh:

smarter than you demotivator

smarter than you demotivator

gone fishin’

classes are up and running and a million and fifty-seven people are demanding my time and energy, so I’ll only be posting here as time and energy allow (i.e., hardly ever except for school breaks, like Thanksgiving, etc., if then)

otherwise, like Mad Minerva, I’ll be nerdatonic, aimlessly wandering the narrow library corridors with an armful of unrelated books and a look right out of Lovecraft on my face

– lumpenscholar, casualty, Miskatonic U.

ABC & Charlie Gibson* Lie To Hurt Palin

This screenshot says a lot:

ABC ad misleadingly suggests Palin thinks Iraq War is a holy war.

ABC ad misleadingly suggests Palin thinks Iraq War is a holy war.

The link is to the site I found the ad on, and there the ad links to a video of Charlie Gibson* slicing and dicing a prayer Palin gave in order to make it seem she believes Iraq is a task from God, when what she actually said was, “Pray that …” Rangel is lying scum, or a useful idiot.

Update: DANG did I screw up that headline! The interviewer was Charlie Gibson, not Rangel, as I had originally put. Hey, at least I didn’t just change it and move on as if nothing had happened, as ABC did earlier. That’ll teach me for posting before coffee. Mr. Rangel, I sincerely apologize for my mistake.

Also, while this pic seems to have only incensed (or been noticed by) me, the intertubes seem to be on fire with the topic. Here’s an op-ed in the NY Post noting the bias, and even TalkLeft mentions it. Of course, it’s everywhere. These are just two I thought were interesting.

Update (9/14/08): I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

Also, the Anchoress has an excellent comparison of Gibson’s softball interview with Obama and his hardball interview of Palin, along with takedowns of Newsweek and Whoopi Goldberg’s idiocy.

stained glass

It’s a beautiful morning and I will be walking out into it in a moment. On such a chill morning, it is good to remember, to keep certain things in mind, where the cutting autumn air lends clarity and perspective to one’s thoughts.

Alan Jackson: Where Were You

The Anchoress: Remembrance and Prayers

James Lileks: “When I was a kid, I was terrified of the End of the World …”

Grim: Enid & Geraint, a poem

It is also good to forget grief when we can, for our lives are short enough and one day in the not too distant future, if we are lucky, we will be the ones mourned. When we ourselves pass, we hope the grieving of those we love will be short, that our memories bring rather joy and strength into their lives, that our ghosts do not haunt but help.

I believe this is what the souls of those whom Charon has carried over demand from us: joy and strength, ferocity and patience. I believe it is right and proper to celebrate those who have died, those who were killed, in whatever joyous way we can find: to carry in our hearts a spark of the eternal life of heroes who perished in the full bloom of courage, to dance with abandon with those we love while we cherish the men and women and children left among us on that bitter day, to celebrate the bonds we and they share with those beyond, to drink dark brew around a fire or a table and tell the stories that make us laugh, to pick up our tools and work with all our might at whatever our hands have found to do.

This kind of memory is like a tall, stained glass window in a cathedral, the pieces painstakingly cut to fit, joined by molten metal, and fearfully crafted. It focuses the glory of the sun into an awe-full story that demands from us everything we are for the brief span of an arc of burning light.

This is the day that the Lord has made, and it is right to rejoice and be glad in it. It is right, though our smiles may be grim or faint or fierce. It is proper, today, as it is every day we have, to call out the names of the dead and love being alive, being faithful, being victorious. The darkness is always on its way.

Chrenkoff! Lileks! Lucas!

Arthur Chrenkoff, that glorious Polish immigrant to Australia who insired so many of us in the dextrosphere, has an article up at Pajamas Media on Russia and Georgia. For those who know Chrenkoff, you’ve already clicked.

James Lileks serves up a piping hot screed, wherein a Canadian elitist gets her mooseburger:

I’m in a generous mood.

Or was, until I read this piece by a Canadian writer; it sums up with such delightful perfection what so many believe. So. Let’s have a look.

I assume John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential partner in a fit of pique because the Republican money men refused to let him have the stuffed male shirt he really wanted.

Hapless, confused old tool of the string yankers: check! Next, we see how it’s possible to put your head up your posterior while jerking your knee, a rather difficult maneuver they don’t teach until the fifth year of yoga class:

She added nothing to the ticket that the Republicans didn’t already have sewn up, the white trash vote

And Lileks takes it to town from there as only Lileks can.

Moving along in our xenophobic theme, Rachel Lucas reveals that 95% of her readership are a huge disappointment to the rest of the world (and her comments suggest they aren’t properly concerned about that fact). Additionally, she grills up a big heaping plate of Americana for a UK columnist who warns of the dire consequences if the US elects McCain:

In all seriousness though. I can’t speak for any other Stupid American, but Europe and Rest of World? Wanna know why I don’t give a toss what you think? Because you’re doing it wrong.

You’re doing so many things wrong, in my view, that I want my country to be very different from yours.

As a bonus, there’s an excellent comment that wins the coveted Chuck Norris Action Jeans ‘Unique Hidden Gusset’ Award for Excellence in Commenting.

song for sarahcuda

This Corb Lund song’s about a man, but we can bend that gender a bid and dedicate it to Gov. Sarah Palin.

You better hire her on.
She’s the roughest neck around.
She’s got the power in her hands to pull the dragons from the ground.
She brings the power to the people, power to the people.
She’s the roughest neck around.
Pulls the dragons from the ground.
She gets the power to the people.

grammar bloggin’

despite my own occasional proclivity for writing w/o caps, i is a grammar disciplinarian.  hence, the following blogs:

the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks (misinterpreting bad punctuation since 2005)

apostrophe abuse (links and visuals illustrating an orthographic pet peeve)

apostrophe catastrophes (the worlds’ worst. punctuation;)

(Inspired by Rachel Lucas, herself a “self-confessed” grammar snob.)

maverick through and through

I’m enjoying the Republican National Convention live via the intertubes, and who should appear but Cowboy Troy, John Rich, and Gretchen Wilson.

Big and Rich are a country duo that challenges a lot of country & western norms with songs like “Coming to Your City.”

Cowboy Troy is a C&W rapper rocking his ‘hick-hop’ to all his redneck brothers & sisters.  I was disappointed they didn’t let him rap a bit.  Granted, the old folks might not have appreciated it, but all us younguns woulda loved it.

Gretchen is just Gretchen, a hard-core tomboy of a singer that will rock your socks off.

This is the cutting edge of country music today.  I love ’em.