maverick through and through

I’m enjoying the Republican National Convention live via the intertubes, and who should appear but Cowboy Troy, John Rich, and Gretchen Wilson.

Big and Rich are a country duo that challenges a lot of country & western norms with songs like “Coming to Your City.”

Cowboy Troy is a C&W rapper rocking his ‘hick-hop’ to all his redneck brothers & sisters.  I was disappointed they didn’t let him rap a bit.  Granted, the old folks might not have appreciated it, but all us younguns woulda loved it.

Gretchen is just Gretchen, a hard-core tomboy of a singer that will rock your socks off.

This is the cutting edge of country music today.  I love ’em.

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  1. Leah on

    how can she be a maverick if -i am sorry to say, that every part of her speech tonight that was not about her background was admitted by the mccain campaign yesterday to have been written- not by her-, but in fact written weeks before Mccain even decided on a VP pick.

    thats one of the reasons why i think these guys said what they said –
    republican strategist Mike Murphy, who once advised McCain, and republican commentator and former speech writer Peggy Noonan- who both while on the airwaves have swooned over palin, had something quite different to say during a commercial break:

    how can she be a maverick is she seems perfectly content to repeat lies and mistruths – she repeated that she was against the bridge to nowhere, when she wasnt. she said obama would raise most peoples taxes, when every reputable independent source has proven that is an outright fabrication.

    how can she be a maverick if she says she is again wasteful spending, but was mayor wasted millions and left that town of under 6000 20million $ in debt? or if she says she was against porkbarrel projects and earmarks, yet as mayor and gov. sought millions in earmarks ( some of which mccain himself even voted against) and ok’d millions in pork projects and sought even more money from congress for them.

    i have yet to hear an answer to those questions.

  2. lumpenscholar on

    Hi, Leah. Thanks for stopping by.

    One, I think the speech-writing point is irrelevant. No one at this level is going to write his or her own speeches.

    Two, I don’t think she has lied. However, an easy way to change my mind is to link to reputable sources that act as evidence for your claims.

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