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highly accurate logo for a Democrat

This is one of a line of goods the Tennessee Guerilla Women are selling at Cafe Press.

It is a wonderful representation of the Democrat, and even more, the Progressive,
world view. The idea that the Catholic Church in the past believed, and insisted everyone else believe, that the earth was flat is being used to push Progressive ideas. Everyone knows the Church did this. And everyone is wrong.

The whole Flat Earth concept, that this belief was ever held by the Catholic Church, was a fabrication of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It has been refuted with mountains of evidence over and over by medieval historians who have been simply ignored. You see, Progressives needed an Other, someone they could spark fear of, someone they could use to differentiate themselves from. After all, what is Progress but movement away from something, some Other? The Catholic Church was a common scapegoat for Progressives in those days. Call someone a ‘Flat-Earther’ and you have completely delegitimized their viewpoint as well as validated your own as sufficiently Progressive. This is one of the Great Narratives of the Progressive movement, a complete lie, and believed in direct contradiction of all the available evidence.

That’s why I love so much seeing it being recycled from it’s 19th century roots of demonizing the Catholic Church to its 21st century role in demonizing Republicans. Beautiful!

Rove weighs in

Karl Rove, evil Machiavellian extraordinaire:*

Mr. McCain’s other adjustment is his schedule. His campaign understands the dire circumstances it faces and is narrowing his travels almost exclusively to Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Colorado and Nevada. If he carries those states, while losing only Iowa and New Mexico from the GOP’s 2004 total, Mr. McCain will carry 274 Electoral College votes and the White House. It’s threading the needle, but it’s come to that.

This task, while not impossible, will be difficult. By mid-September, the McCain camp was slightly ahead in the polls. Then came the financial crisis. The past month has taken an enormous toll on the McCain campaign.

Whether it can find the right formula in the next 19 days to dig out is a question. If Mr. McCain succeeds, he will have engineered the most impressive and improbable political comeback since Harry Truman in 1948. But having to reach back more than a half-century for inspiration is not the place campaign managers want to be now.

So, basically, there’s still hope for McCain, but maybe not much


*For those who don’t understand that Karl Rove rules the world from an undisclosed location (probably Atlantis), I say this facetiously.