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still fishin’ – but have to mock celebrities

Rachel Lucas notes Streisand, Cusack, and Penn hate McCain.  My reply:

And, I’m going to steal her image, because every time I see it it makes me laugh:

smarter than you demotivator

smarter than you demotivator

song for sarahcuda

This Corb Lund song’s about a man, but we can bend that gender a bid and dedicate it to Gov. Sarah Palin.

You better hire her on.
She’s the roughest neck around.
She’s got the power in her hands to pull the dragons from the ground.
She brings the power to the people, power to the people.
She’s the roughest neck around.
Pulls the dragons from the ground.
She gets the power to the people.

grammar bloggin’

despite my own occasional proclivity for writing w/o caps, i is a grammar disciplinarian.  hence, the following blogs:

the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks (misinterpreting bad punctuation since 2005)

apostrophe abuse (links and visuals illustrating an orthographic pet peeve)

apostrophe catastrophes (the worlds’ worst. punctuation;)

(Inspired by Rachel Lucas, herself a “self-confessed” grammar snob.)

maverick through and through

I’m enjoying the Republican National Convention live via the intertubes, and who should appear but Cowboy Troy, John Rich, and Gretchen Wilson.

Big and Rich are a country duo that challenges a lot of country & western norms with songs like “Coming to Your City.”

Cowboy Troy is a C&W rapper rocking his ‘hick-hop’ to all his redneck brothers & sisters.  I was disappointed they didn’t let him rap a bit.  Granted, the old folks might not have appreciated it, but all us younguns woulda loved it.

Gretchen is just Gretchen, a hard-core tomboy of a singer that will rock your socks off.

This is the cutting edge of country music today.  I love ’em.

things to do during the dnc

  1. blog about Wright, Rezko, and Ayers
  2. go eat burritos with your buds from former soviet states (we’ll get there one day, they assure me)
  3. wait around for the reviews to hit the blogs before deciding whether or not to watch it on YouTube
  4. wear a clown nose in sympathy with the protesters
  5. walk around campus muttering PUMA slogans at passersby
  6. gather hope & change from the burrito (here’s your change; hope you like it)
  7. design an armored suit capable of flying to Denver to take on the bald capitalist white guy — no wait –
  8. write a review of Obama’s outfit
  9. cartoon it all — try to get everything in four panels
  10. kung fu something (in a desperate attempt to distract yourself from the idea that Obama’s suit may indeed be president in five months)

Update: If you can’t stand to watch it yourself, Steven Green is drunkblogging it.  On #10, I should have quoted him:

9:00PM “President Obama and the Democrats.” I have… I need… I… Hold me, I’m scared.

lumpenscholar trapped in the tubular cinema

recently had the opportunity to see a number of movies on video, and since that lovely lass Mad Minerva has been my cinema guide all summer, thought i would post responses to her reviews and some assorted (or sordid) comments — after all, two of my movie selections were all her fault

haven’t seen these movies? then if you’re lucky, there aren’t any spoilers ahead. me, I’ve lost track. maybe there are, maybe there aren’t. so, what you gotta ask yourself, cinemaphile, is do I feel lucky? well, do ya, cinemaphile?

where to start?

IRON MAN! great movie. i heartily concur with much of MM’s reviews (and her sibling’s): great geeky fun and just plain funny, great special effects, feminine females, masculine males, AND intelligence, courage, and wit from all genders and sides; even the bad guys aren’t stupid or cowardly, which is nice

as she mentions, this movie could easily be taken as a criticism of the military-industrial bugaboo we’ve grown so tired of seeing slammed into the soil cinematically. Stark’s redemption is turning against the military industrial complex, and the ultimate bad guy Iron Man faces off against is a greedy capitalist white male eager to sell weapons to the enemy if it turns a profit. also, it seems our GCWM set up the ambush, so it wasn’t the insurgents’ fault, per se; capitalism did it. on the other hand, Stark’s decision to take the fight personally, to armor up, defend our own, and kill the enemy himself, was as good an endorsement of going out and enlisting to fight the terrorists as I’ve seen on celluloid, outside of actual recruiting video, and the insurgents are nasty and we’re glad to see them killed and the Afghan civilians saved.

i wasn’t as critical of the military aspects as MM’s friend: airmen do go out with the army on the ground as forward observers (someone has to talk to the fighter jocks giving close air support) and commo types, but not generally as drivers I think; one criticism in the ambush scene, why stop when the lead humvee is blown up? last I heard, humvee’s were ATVs, right? but this is all lead in. the thing I was most disappointed in on the military side was the failure of Lt. Col. Rhodes to clearly articulate why developing better weapons for the US military is a good thing

check out the fan art — cool stuff there, though sadly none seem to feature ms. potts in her silly footwear, a great loss for all the male fans. one laugh-out-loud line MM didn’t quote: “Sometimes I even take out the trash.” politics aside, i’ve got to see this again, preferably on the big screen this time — is it still playing? it’s just a lot of fun, and that’s what hollywood should deliver first and foremost, imho.

next up? Kung Fu Panda! yeah, you’ve seen the plot a million times. but that’s not the point in this kind of movie; it’s how you get from A to dragon warrior that counts, and this movie had me laughing out loud and cheering for a fat panda — and even tho’ i kno’ MM will never ever visit my site again for saying this, i am not a big panda fan, so that’s a good endorsement, i think; i’m not just cheering cuz of the cute hero.  it also had one of the best takes on hero enlightenment i’ve seen, i think. loved it; want to see it again.

bit of a side note, i’m getting tired of plot twists. it’s SO friggin’ predictable that there’ll be a plot twist that i don’t even notice it anymore. like Stane being the bad guy in Iron Man. bald, smooth-talking white capitalist, close friend of the hero — gotta be the evil mastermind behind it all, no other choice, unless you want to be called boring and predictable like Kung Fu Panda, right?

anyway, for real reviews, read MM.

on to non-MM-reviewed flicks. not that these will be reviews, either. but thought I should mention them.

The Visitor. basically, lonely widower meets a wonderful couple who just happen to be illegal aliens. they show him a new world and show him a way to recover from his grief, but the husband is caught and sent to detention for deportation. fine and good; i wish there had been two stories. this one, and another where an illegal immigrant murders an american couple for their car. that said, i liked it. richard jenkins does a great job playing prof. walter vale; i am right there with him on the drums. the rest of the cast was good, the plot believable, though I have to admit, for various reasons, I did not get to watch the last 15 minutes or so, so there may be a bizarre plot twist where we find out the bald white capitalist set it all up. i would watch it again to see that last 15 minutes, but would probably pass on a third sitting

Smart People. hate to say it. another way-left movie that i actually liked. basically, another widower / college prof movie. he has to deal with his teenage daughter (who’s rebelling by being in the young republicans, which gets treated as seriously as any teenage rebellion — she’ll grow out of it, we assume), a stoner brother (who won’t grow out of it, but that’s okay, we assume), a flagging academic career, and (simultaneously) a new love interest and his grief for his deceased wife. strangely, even though i’m not in any of those situations, i felt a lot of sympathy for chuck wetherhold, our erstwhile hero, and thomas haden church did a good job playing him. wouldn’t see it again unless a friend really wanted to see it and i had to get away from the books for a couple of hours. or there was free food and drinks.

luckily for my readers, that’s all the movies i’ve seen over the summer.

my life has been wasted

When Tallan “T-Man” Latz was 5, he saw Joe Satriani playing guitar on TV. “I turned around to my dad and said, ‘That’s exactly what I want to do.'”

Three years and countless hours of practicing later, 8-year-old Tallan is a blues guitar prodigy. He’s played in bars and clubs, including the House of Blues in Chicago, and even jammed with Les Paul and Jackson Browne. He has a summer of festivals scheduled and has drawn interest from venues worldwide.

From AP. *sob*

He’s living my life!!! And I’m stuck here reading my eyeballs out trying to get some piece of paper. Gah.

Hey, too bad about the bars, but, you’re eight, dude. You’ve probably got some time left to work that in, eh?

and another thing: global warming enthusiasts

Aren’t they the same people who worry so much about overpopulation? Wouldn’t massive global warming, resulting in all the destruction they forecast, actually achieve their own goals of reducing the impact humans have on the environment? Shouldn’t they be the ones buying massive SUVs and so forth? Cheering China’s every increase in carbon contamination? I’m just saying, is all.

appreciating our veteran squirrels

or squirrely veterans, whichever.

the academic life

Life!? Son, if the Academy WANTED you to have a life, it would have made it a MANDATORY COURSE!  Now sit and give me twenty pages on Dutch colonialism in Indonesia, and you’d BETTER by the Dean address the discourses of construction of gender, technology, and MOTORCYCLE CLUBS or I SWEAR I’ll shove that stack of tomes where the sun don’t shine!  Grad students make me PUKE!  Why do you ask me stupid questions like that!?