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I welcome our new potted overlords

Potted plant blogs in Japan.

Update (11/5/08): Welcome, Mad Minerva readers! Our favorite scholar of all things silly, quirky, cuisiney, and cinematicky has linked to a post here on something she herself covered, so I guess I should add something to make the click worthwhile.

I offer Plantio, a pot that allows plants to react to their owners. (Sorry. Hope you weren’t expecting glorious splendor. Though I do like the lighting up when the plant’s petted bit.)

I guess I should also offer a link to Midori-san’s blog.

maybe I’ll end my boycott of hollywood . . .

Tim Blair and Mad Minerva both covered Andrew Klavan’s oped in the WaPo, Why Are We Whispering?

Conservative artists can’t battle this state of affairs with silence or secrecy. They must create — with courage, openness and honesty. These are the tools of both conservatism and art. With them, we can take the culture back.

I’ve been envious of Mad Minerva’s cinema adventures, but not enough to actually step into a theater. The overwhelming leftist sermonizing of Hollywood has turned my stomach enough that I can’t bear the thought of giving them any of my money. I even view recently-made, neutral, entertainment-focused films as simply a way of recouping losses from their spate of BDS-driven flops. I know, that’s going a bit far, maybe. But it’s how I feel, and entertainment is pretty much all about how one feels, isn’t it? Even if there’s a great film showing, if one has a bad feeling about it, why go? (Movies seen for non-entertainment reasons, of course, don’t fall under this line of reasoning.)

But, if Klavan and others are stepping out and changing the climate of Hollywood, maybe it’s time for me to go see a movie. And really, what I want isn’t “rightist” films per se, but real diversity in entertainment, a real choice about what I see and what, if any, lessons are delivered in my entertainment.

And this leads me to another topic, which is, why do I blog anonymously? I’ll admit, I’m in training for a career in academia, which is dominated by leftists, and I’m simply afraid putting my real name to my opinions will ruin my career before it gets off the ground. Am I practicing cowardice, or prudence?