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what a cute little blog — ouch!

Ran across Two Nervous Dogs while I was refilling the ice chest for a return to the fishin’ hole.

My first thought: What a great layout!

My second thought: Dang, that’s harsh!

(Content warning ahead. I’d pound out the indelicacies, but that would kill the effect. Children, don’t say these things around your parents, or your friends parents.)

Here’s the full TND process for commenting, if you’re NEW here. Even if you’re already an approved commenter, you may be curious about our Comment Inspection & Disposal system.

1. Your comment first goes into TND’s Moderation Hell, where it is examined by a non-human. It is not “read.” It is “examined” for hatefulness and grammar by a very small yet powerful application using sophisticated logarithms, essentially a series of “if-then” statements. Example: “If” asshole, “then” fuck off.

2. Next, your comment is sorted to holding bins based on the findings in Step 1. Your comment goes to the Asshole bin, or the Comment Approved bin.

3. If your comment is sorted into the Asshole bin, your comment has passed the initial screening for hatefulness, to be sure, but it’s not approved yet. Of course if your comment is sorted to Comment Approved, it appears on the main site.

4. But back to the poor saps flailing about in the bowels of the Asshole bin.

Woe, woe, woe. Your comment is entering a world of pain, son.

And it does indeed get painful from there.